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Number Knowledge – weekly plans

This section is a link to the NZ Maths page, it has weekly plans according to student’s Years.

Go to the school year appropriate to the child. Click on a button to view each week plan.
If the plan is too easy or too hard, move up or down a school year to find one that best suits.

Maths at our House

This section is a link to the NZ Maths page, and provides some ideas for how you can raise awareness
and share mathematics using everyday experiences and resources found around your home.

It includes ideas for supporting your children’s learning in all areas of mathematics:
geometry, measurement, statistics, algebra and number.

Maths Kete

On the Families page there is an introductory video that describes how parents can help
children learn about mathematics and support learning at school.

One of the ideas suggested is creating a maths kete at home.
The kete will include materials that are helpful in learning about maths through making
and finding things and playing games together. This page gives you a list of things that you can find
around your house or can get cheaply from discount shops.

Number Knowledge (Game) Zone

Click on the button above to check out all the educational maths games (by maths stages)!

Maths Songs

Click on the image below to select a song you would like to listen to.

Maths Songs - Number Sequence - forwards counting by 1

We are learning our number sequences – counting forwards  by 1

We are learning our number sequence – counting backwards by 1.

We are learning to skip count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

We are learning to know our doubles and place value

We are learning to know our fractions