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Information for Parents


Please see your child’s classroom teacher for information on homework expectations. Please feel free to email them.

There are some basics that make enormous difference to a child’s learning in the classroom.

Getting 10 – 12 hours sleep a night. Most of our children will need closer to 12.
Eating a quality breakfast, ideally high in protein.
Bringing a healthy lunch to school, including brain food for the classroom.
Bringing a drink bottle to school so they can drink water regularly.
Dressing appropriately so they are not too hot or cold.
Not watching TV or playing computer games for at least an hour before sleeping.

At MLPS we also ask that children read every night and fill in their reading logs and complete 10-15 minutes of Mathletics (Y2-6).

Marshall Laing Primary School has nine bring your own device (BYOD) classrooms in Kahurangi and Manuka. This makes internet security an important consideration for teachers, students and their families.

The Ministry of Education also provides an excellent resource in a range of languages about how parents can support their child’s learning at home. Please click the button below to view these resources.