Marshall Laing Primary School Zone Map


2023 Enrolment Day

Thursday 26 January 2023

(Office open from 9.00am to 2.00pm for new enrolments)

If you are living in or have recently moved to our school zone please visit our school office to enrol.

If you would like to enrol as an out-of-zone, please visit our office on enrolment day or email us:

[email protected]  or  [email protected]


If your address is in our zone, please come to our office during school times to pick up an enrolment pack. Please bring the following documents to confirm eligibility status:

1. NZ & Australian citizens – please provide either a NZ Birth Certificate or NZ Passport or Australian Passport.
NZ & Australian Residents – Other Passport with NZ or Australian Residence class visa label or stamp.
Non NZ Residents – Child’s Passport with a valid Domestic Student Visa together with Parents Passports.
(One of the above must be presented to school before we can enrol the student)

2. Proof of Address to confirm zoning (e.g utility bills or rental agreements)

3. Immunisation Records and B4 School check records (new entrants)


All out of zone applications go on our waiting list for placing and consideration. We take out of zone students from all different year levels whenever a space becomes available. Please contact our school office to apply.


Students who are not eligible to enrol as domestic students may be able to enrol as international students.  International students are fee-paying students.  They may hold a Visitor Visa (study up to 3 months in any one year) or a International Student Visa that names the school.

We welcome applications for international students.  Please contact the school office to enrol as an international student.

Starting school as a 5 year old

Pre School Visits
Parents are invited to bring their pre-school child along to the New Entrant rooms prior to starting school. This often assists in an easy transition to school. An appointment can be made by ringing the school office.

Pre School learning
By the time your child starts school it is helpful if he/she is able to do some of the following :
1. Recognise his/her own name, printed in small not capital letters.
2. Be able to print his/her own name in small letters.
3. Be able to count to 10 or beyond.
4. Recognise and know names of common colours.
5. Be familiar with simple nursery rhymes.
6. Know the rules for crossing the road safely.
7. Know own address – and telephone number if possible.
8. Be able to toilet him/herself.
9. Recognise his/her own clothes. Put on socks. Do up shoes. Do up buttons
and raincoat domes. Tie a bow or knot. Put on cardigans and jumpers.
10. Know how to use a handkerchief or tissue.

* It is important to name school clothes, including underwear clearly, and for your child to know where to look for name tags.